wireless microphone for pc how to make a play microphone for kids (with pictures) | ehow

by:Winbridge      2019-09-27
Children of all ages like to sing and dance with their favorite songs.With some craft supplies you can make a play microphone and give them hours of fun.Great for pyjamas parties, karaoke and talent shows.
Determines the length of the microphone handle.A sanitary tube will be the perfect size for young children.For older kids, you may want a longer handle controlled with a paper towel.
Cut it to the most appropriate length.
Cover the tube with paper.
You can use pure black construction paper or scrap paper with patterns or sparks.Cut the paper into a certain size and attach it with white glue.The easiest way to make a microphone ball is to cover it with tin foil.
Wrap the foil tightly and cut off any extra foil.Smooth it with your fingers.If you want to make the ball a different color, you can replace it with a water-based acrylic paint.Decorate the handle using extra paper.You can create a button to make it look more realistic, or just have fun with patterns and shapes.
The last step is to attach the ball to the handle.Apply hot glue on the edge of the tube, place the ball on the top and keep it until safe
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