wireless microphone headset B305 Business Wireless Headset by LifeCHARGE Review

by:Winbridge      2019-12-11

I received a test unit for an upcoming LifeCHARGE product that is a B305 business wireless headset.More specifically, it's a Bluetooth headset.Today, we will see how it differs from what is available on the market.We will evaluate whether the product is suitable for you and come to the final conclusion.

The price is $29.99, B305 Bluetooth headset is much better.I 've seen a similar Bluetooth headset for anywhere from $39.99 to $69.99.Since I have not tried these, I cannot speak on behalf of call quality, battery life and building quality.So I will base my comments on this unit only.
I did not have the original packaging because it was a review unit and was instructed not to do so.To make sure you receive everything, I have shown everything you should pay attention to when you unwrap.
The instructions are very simple.It goes through all the button navigation including double click and double click.
The micro-USB cable for charging.You don't actually need to relax it if you have another one.You can store it in a safe place.After my first charge, it seems that any wires will work.
Apart from the unit itself, you will find ear clips.There is a superEar grip and-ear grip.I attached it.I grabbed my ear as soon as I received it, because it was the only one I was familiar.Two more-ear grips.I'm not quite sure why two are needed because you can flip one of them to the other ear.I think it's always good to back up.
From this photo you can see the two buttons on the B305 headset.These are volume controls.The one on the outside is not visible, but it is responsible for Bluetooth pairing and call control.
What I didn't mention before, your ear canal has an extra rubber pad.It is small and big in size.Large size is attached by default.I think it's too big and uncomfortable.It does not work well and closely together.I replaced it with a smaller rubber pad.Besides, I put over-ear hook.This hook could have done better.I thought something would be thicker and stronger than a thin piece of plastic.I tried to take it off my ear for the first time and I broke the plastic hook.My suggestion is to skip this usage completely.
I changed the ear hook-ear one.This is also found on sports earbuds, which I prefer.It is indeed more comfortable while maintaining a tight fit.This is especially good if you are going to wear this headset most of the time.I also found this to be more secure than plastic.ear hook.

I have no problem pairing this device with my Samsung Galaxy S4.It's actually very direct.First, you need to turn on the Bluetooth control.On my device, my device is hidden.This means I can scan other devices but other devices can't scan my device.It would be great if you hid your device.After turning on Bluetooth, you need to hold down the main button until the light starts flashing.When the lights flash, your phone should list a device called "B305.Just click on the device and give it 15 seconds to pair.This is a very simple process for me.
The top of this headset is volume control.This is two of the three buttons.I found them very well done and very durable.They do not feel loose or shaken in its position.I usually like such electronic devices.It is related to my quality when they feel loose or wobbly, which may be a possible defect.On the surface, this is not the case.

I will divide the test of sound quality into two parts.The first is a test conducted over the phone, and the second is music playback.
The quality of the phone is of course limited by the quality of my reception.According to my test, the B305 headset is able to maintain a stable connection with my phone.I put my phone in my pocket and the headphones on my ears of course.This is within the 10 m range of a typical Bluetooth connection.
The quality of music playback is a completely different problem.The sound is heavily compressed and I don't recommend using this headset if music playback is your main purpose.This headset has a good bass but a poor sound quality after compression.No matter what the estimated music playback time is, I don't recommend playing music.
My use time and recharge time are lower than the regulations.I think this is because I put the headphones of the headphones on high and then control the main volume from the phone.This tends to consume more batteries if the headset recognizes its own volume.
As for the charge, I tend to use my 5-USB charger.It maximizes the current at a faster charging speed, which is how my charge is estimated at the time.As for the four hours of use, I found it a bit low, especially if the call time for a full working day is 8 hours.While I haven't had time to review many Bluetooth headsets yet, I hope this will review this one accurately and help you decide if this one is for you.

It took me some time to find the right one.Even with in-Rubber handle for ears, it took me some time to get used to it.Some angle adjustments are also involved.I strongly recommend that you invest your time and configure your headset to be comfortable.
The quality of the call will be compressed at first.They don't sound as good as my earbuds, but you end up breaking into them.I'm a little worried about battery life.Only when you are an individual user for driving purposes, or you are a small business owner with limited phone calls, do I think this is a purchase.
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