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by:Winbridge      2019-11-04
Logitech, the world's most famous computer peripheral supplier, is also a well-known PC multimedia entertainment design manufacturer.With the development of multimedia entertainment, Logitech follows...Logitech, the world's most famous computer peripheral supplier, is also a well-known PC multimedia entertainment design manufacturer.
With the development of multimedia entertainment, Logitech keeps up with the pace of the market and attaches great importance to games, multimedia, network audio, etc.Visual aid development.In order to adapt to the current consumption trend and greatly speed up the process of diversified and comprehensive products, its products also cover many fields such as game machines, music players, mobile devices and home entertainment systems.From the development trend of audio products, wires are a very important factor in enjoying the freedom of music.
"Get rid of the shackles of Wired, enjoy music in a wireless Way" is the development direction that the public expects.Among the existing wireless transmission protocols, 2.4g holdings remain high.The overall appearance of Logitech wireless headset H600 is very fruity.
it is based on a black unit.
the surface of the shell is carefully polished. it is very simple and cool, just like a jet.The case of the headset unit is decorated with a blue circle, which is very conspicuous.
Very matching with pure black crow headset case.The right side of the silver Logitech LOGO is very conspicuous.Logitech Wireless headset H600 has achieved a good balance between "weight" and "strong".
The h600 is not heavy as a whole, but the work of each part is in place, not the kind of "touch reimbursement" product.In addition, the h600 uses on-The ear design, thin sponge, can rotate the ear cover that is moderately active, and it is very comfortable to wear.The H600 head beam section is qualitatively different from the earphone body material, not hard plastic, but plastic material with both elasticity and toughness.
Logitech obviously takes into account the size and comfort of wearing, so that the design can effectively prevent the occurrence of head beam fracture accidents caused by the larger head size.The wireless headset h600 is foldable and can significantly reduce the volume for easy reception.The H600 is also equipped with a noise canceling microphone to provide a clear voice quality that can be hidden when not needed.
The H600 also uses a laser fine-tuning drive to avoid distortion and better sound performance.Logitech Wireless headset H600 power supply part, battery life up to 6 hours, key part is very simple and practical, with power switch, microphone mute switch and accessories for USB charging wire, and USB signal transmitter.The voice of the H600 is relaxed and peaceful, smooth and natural.
Voice very clean signal-to-noise ratio good.H600 voice is slightly thinner, tri-Roughly balanced band distribution, highThe frequency is thin, the extension is good, and the brightness is better. I don't feel the nausea of dull light.H600 low-The frequency is loose and the diving is good.
this low frequency is mainly helpful to create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.Instead of emphasizing the rhythm of violence and power, it shows the current music in a very gentle way.The middle frequency part is slightly conservative, and the sound is not rich, but the soft style makes the female interpretation also very characteristic.
it is not as attractive as the indifferent sound.H600 high-The audio line feels clear and bright, the overall density is not high, the body is slim, and the balanced tuning has certain flexibility for all kinds of music, and the personality is not very clear, but the headset is very practical.In addition, higher noise ratio also makes it very beneficial in the process of voice call, and voice call does not cause substantial interference to noise.
This design is very good.
The H600 is a headset for listening to music for a long time. it is not tired to listen for a long time. listening for a long time will not make people feel annoyed.
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