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by:Winbridge      2019-11-04
Plantrooper has long been known for bringing in state-of-the-art but reliable communications equipment and its accessories.Plantrotron ranges from designing, manufacturing and selling products that exceed standard quality, to the production of computer and telephone headsets and their accessories.The brand new plantrotron CS510 is an enhanced version of the CS series, this headset is a real replacement for the plantrotron CS351N series, the CS 510 headset contains several new features wireless productivity with the same reliability, this makes the CS series a hot product for years.
Feel the comfort of answering the phone while on the road | imagine that when you have to answer the phone suddenly, you cannot reach your phone because it is not within the reach of your hand, you see the embarrassment in this case, which is when you are convinced by the importance of wireless headphones as soon as possible, you can give you space and even walk 50 metres away from your desk in the office.The simplest answer is the plantrooper headset.Every year, new technologies bring us a quiet, comfortable and convenient life, as well as a professional life.
Plantrooper's main function is ultra light weight of just 72G, easy to wear, and easy to link to the existing phone system you have.It can upgrade any wired workstation phone to a fully wireless system.Featuring mono, gives you 9 hours of talk time without leaving the battery dead, and the smart audio control of the volume and mute buttons is at the finger distance.
Better-quality DECT 6.
0 technology stops interfering with Wi-Fi networks are usually used in hospitals and other sensitive complex devices.DECT 1.9 GHz technology can achieve a roaming range of nearly 350, and microphone filters can also suppress background noise, automatically reducing noise to near zero.Advanced Broadband audio using CAT iq technology ensures that it is used as a narrow band or broadband up to 6,800Hz.
Built-in soundguard DIGITALTM to prevent sound spikes of 118dBA or aboveShock filters out any significant sudden increase in signal level and time --The weighted average limit average noise level above 85 dBA.This wireless headset system is easy to operate and is suitable for professionals.One day, when your hands remain free to use the computer or do some daily chores, you can answer the phone you want to attend remotely, such as ironing, feeding your child, on TVBy using this cheap plantrooper headset, you can control the neck and back pain of long calls because of the ergonomic design, so if you plan to purchase a stereo Bluetooth headset, then the wireless headset that fully meets your needs first.
It's a simple fact that there's nothing better than the Plantronic CS 510 Mono on the head phone providing the credibility and functionality of sound quality and noise --The plantrooper headset removes the microphone feature and provides the best benefits for your consumption
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