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by:Winbridge      2019-11-03
It is important that you provide personalized service for the company you choose for your wedding reception.The success of the reception involves so many small details that it is difficult to take a closer look at what is most important to you!Any company you decide should focus on all aspects of your happiness and itinerary.Below, I listed the basic timeline of what happened.
Remind you that any of the following steps in your wedding reception list can be taken out or rearranged.You should have full control over what's going on.Think of yourself as president of a big day.
* Drag and drop songs online before your big day as must play and not play * fill in your wedding reception schedule and itinerary details * Pre-Activity consultation is conducted one week in advance, so there is no surprise package setting * Arrival 1-3.5 hours in advance * hidden and brought down wires (wires and tape are black) * wireless microphone check at the back of the head according to your scheduled package (ensure reception and gain) * functional testing of all devices before Guest Arrival * replace the battery in the wireless microphone if necessary * if you have a combination of name and letter, double check center pin points are not in Guest's eyes *: if you have a lighting design, aim at the back of the table or the dance floor *: fixtures that adjust the maximum saturation of the client's color * if you have a photo booth: do a test shot to check the custom message area * change to company uniform guest arrival before * make sure family music is closed * verbally browse the name of the bridal party for notification * write trip notes for the customer last minute questions with tags * familiar with customer songs & re-Classify into possible collections * create wait-List of all important customer songs for quick access * browse the agenda with the person in charge of the banquet hall (view dinner start time) * confirm the location of the facility dimmer switch to be adjusted during the dance * find out the seating arrangements for the wedding party and let them know where they will be sitting * test all the special songs requested by the client, cocktails will have a spare version * Walk the room and listen to music like guests.Make sure the volume is right * Keep an eye on the wedding vendors and browse the agenda with them when they arrive * ask the photographer/videographer if they want the wedding party to stand behind the cake, enjoy the beautiful background * find the people who lead the prayer and inform them how to if champagne is all the tables, use the microphone * Make sure the staff is pouring champagne * if champagne is a head table/family table only announce that guests can eat toast with knives, plates and napkins on the cake table * introduce themselves to guests, guests are encouraged to ask to take photos for the Glam Cam Grand Entrance * announce that the bridal party has arrived, for guests to take photos their seats open the door in the hall to congratulate customers on introducing themselves to the bridal party * asking about the bridal party, if there's anything they want me to bring to their table * instruct the bridal party to walk * guide those who toast how to use the microphone * remind the bridal party to stay on their feet, until the bride and groom are seated * ask any last minute questions to the client * adapt to last minute entrance changes (parents/flower children) * play songs when making a big entrance in a toast in high energy or low key format * raise your head to those who speak, so they don't leave the room * verify that the photographer and videographer are ready to capture memories * stand behind the client and announce the guest to give them a round of applause * formally introduce those who are speaking, after they name, thanks to them, dinner * announced the dining procedureAccording to customer's requirements (work according to customer's requirements) start dinner music * ask if bread or drink is also needed at the table * ask the bride and groom how the music volume is * ask the bride and groom if they are willing to make any changes to the light color * ask the bride if we can photos of them together after bringing a dinner * start darkening the facilities lighting * slightly increase the music volume * ask the bride and groom if they are ready to cut cake/Dance * whether the client would like to make one more, then do another follow-up* Remind all the important people involved in the dance that they will start soonWith the photographer and videographer, tell them when the dance will start cutting the cake * this may happen after the big entrance, after dinner, or after the dance, check carefully if your photographer and videographer are ready and in place to guide everyone to the cake table, invite them to take photos * remind guests to set aside space for professional photographers * take Glam Cam photos of customers when cutting cakes * Cut cake songs are cut, get ready for the formal ball * visually confirm all VIPs are in the room * double check photographer and videographer ready to start * announce the first vibrant and personable Dance * announce the client to the parent and bridal party dance the choice of songs makes any sense * taking Glam Cam photos in the dance * if the customer bouquets perform the requirements, invite others to join * find the bouquet to throw * verify with the photographer their preference for throwing & if they like to do fake counting * Make sure the client has all the single ladies she wants to see involved in throwing * Avoid any chandeliers or other obstacles in the throwing process * please ask someone to help penultimate throw * get the name of the cat family from the groom, congratulate them and seize the opportunity to take photos & Glam Cam shoot the last dance 10 minutes before the end, check with the customer, see if they want the party to continue * visually confirm that all VIPs are in the room * instruct guests to circle around our VIPs, for our wonderful delivery * privately invite guests to join the bride and groom on the dance floor * send a farewell note and special congratulation to the guests that we are honored because of our clients, we always shoot Glam Cam with them!.
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