wireless microphone reviews Book Review: 'Home Studio Setup' by Ben Harris

by:Winbridge      2019-12-10

Ben Harris's home studio setup, subtitled "everything you need to know from equipment to acoustics", aims to be the full resource for building a home studio.What are the advantages and disadvantages of this book?

If you are completely new to music making, recording, and electronics, this book gives you a great introduction from the very beginning, with the first chapter devoted to acoustics, and immediately connect it with the layout of the studio.
Home studio setup provides information on how to build a studio, including cost-saving alternatives for professional-grade products and the pros and cons of different materials.Too many other books tell you that these items are the best under the wrong assumption and you can buy the most expensive option in the market.

The first part about the digital audio workstation is still valid, which gives the definition and benefits of using the DAW or digital audio workstation.The same is true for its interpretation of various devices, such as MIDI controllers and sampler.However, the software advice and technical advice in this section are out of date.However, the part about the analog and digital hybrid consoles is still relevant because the low cost of the analog mixer makes them popular with enthusiasts.
The proposal to place the lava lamp in the lighting of the sound studio reflects the author's aesthetic taste, though seen as a realistic suggestion.Again, suggestions for putting art together with other arts©The cor of the sound studio is almost distracting people from the technical information in the book.After all, the cool art you put on the wall can change the acoustic effects you have crafted according to early charts and technical specifications.

This book provides the history of the recording, which is interesting but does not really add value.Information about how digital audio workstations record sounds and track videos if necessary is useful for those who are not already familiar with this.
The home studio setup has written a chapter specifically for the microphone.While explanations of various microphones are useful for people who are not familiar with the microphone, the book lacks information about the increasingly common wireless microphone.
This is repeated in Chapter 9 in the matrix on how to choose the right microphone for your application.Therefore, this book does not include the information needed to support antennas and other devices.Instead, the book has several pages on the required cables and their pros and cons.For example, chapter 7 Section 2 describes several scenarios on how to connect everything to an audio interface, and all connections it discusses are wired.Information about the acoustics of various instruments and the effects of different types of microphones is important.

If you don't know anything about acoustics, sound handling equipment, and recording, home studio setup is still a great introduction to the subject.Please note that its advice on audio processing software and many hardware is too outdated to use it to decide what to buy, although the advice on studio layout and sound-absorbing material is still correct today.
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