Correct sound system switch operation

by:Winbridge      2021-01-01
A set of sound system is composed of many independent sound unit, for example: the tuner, booth, equalizer, LD or VCD machines and AV amplifier, etc. These units need to insert the 220 v ac power on the latch plate. Someone in order to more convenient, shutdown to bolt the supply pull it all off; Boot is all electricity open bolt. Although this approach save trouble, but there is a hidden danger. Because of this operation will produce surge current and the peak voltage, the two impact tends to damage the acoustic equipment. Some of the equipment damage is mostly in the boot or shutdown of the moment, but not in normal working state of damage. Surge current: a audio equipments are made by resistor, capacitor, inductor, transformer and other components. They are in the cold condition in front of the boot. 5 - 5 times. This is known as the surge current, the circuit can cause damage. Peak reverse voltage, inductance components, such as transformer unit has a characteristic, is to add a voltage or when the circuit to remove a voltage when the unit generates a counter electromotive force to prevent the voltage changes. When switched on when a voltage in the inductive components, it will produce a counter electromotive force to prevent the establishment of the voltage, but the energy of the power supply voltage constant, so the counter electromotive force is a voltage damping effect, little impact on the circuit. However, things are different when turned off, when turned off, circuit is formed in a counter electromotive force without any block, the voltage is the peak inverse voltage, it is nine times the normal voltage. While the current is very small, but the voltage is very high, cause a shock to the equipment. So each unit of the surge current of a sound and peak reverse voltage simultaneously role in audio equipment can make a big impact, easy to cause damage to equipment. This, each sound unit best one by one, start-up and shutdown sequence. The correct boot sequence is boot: according to the direction of sound source signal process in turn open booth, CD machine, LD or VCD, tuner, equalizer, finally open power amplifier. The correct shutdown sequence is to turn off the power amplifier, and other equipment. At present, in order to use convenient, foreign invention has delay a latch plate type power supply. The first link port is directly switch interface; The second set pins, when the machine starts all the way, can delay 1 s ( A second) Only through the power; The third set pins, when the machine starts all the way, can delay 2 s ( A second) Only through the power; The fourth set pins, when the machine starts all the way, can delay 3 s to connect power supply. Shutdown with similar, also shut off the power supply in different times. This will prevent the surge current and the peak inverse voltage effect on all equipment at the same time and damage acoustic equipment occurs.
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