Infrared amplification and FM amplifying comparison to body health

by:Winbridge      2021-01-01
For our country now more emphasis on education, the teacher of our hard work and the national future beams ( A student) 24 hours a day, director of the time of staying in the classroom, we should as far as possible the teaching equipment selection no radiation harm our healthy products. Although we are not likely to make us do not have any radiation as much as possible, but we can reduce the radiation hazards. For VHF and UHF frequency band FM amplifying radio signals generally referred to as the radio frequency signal, RF) , UHF frequency band is more use of direct radiation of electromagnetic wave, VHF band in addition to using the direct radiation of electromagnetic wave, also use part of the refraction and diffraction of electromagnetic waves, according to expert survey using an hour of FM amplifying device radiation equivalent to 6 hours of computer radiation! ( Computer radiation is less than 10 milliwatts, and FM transmitter power is at least 50 milliwatts) 。 Radiation on health is caused by cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer can make the male sexual function drops, female endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, pregnant women, abortion, infertility, teras. Affect children's development, bone, decreased vision; Liver, blood function decline, severe cases can lead to retinal detachment, human reproductive system, nervous system and directly influence caused by the immune system. The infrared technology? Infrared amplifier is it is through the transmission of infrared light, infrared amplification is all green products will not cause harm to human body health. Infrared radiation of human body can promote the blood circulation, and to avoid electromagnetic radiation damage to the broad masses of teachers and students.
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