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New Karaoke Speaker K10 Launch in Cantone Fair Oct.2018


K10 is a high-power professional K-speaker with UHF wireless sound technology, support for Bluetooth 4.2 cloud control, support for remote control, suitable for outdoor hiking, mountaineering, grass, family gatherings, and interpretation, dance, teaching, training Wait.

K10 Features

1.80W high power, support portable, backpack dual-use

2. Configure 25-core 6.5-inch woofer and 16-core 1.5-inch independent tweeter

3.12V 5000mAh A product battery, battery life 5-6 hours

4. Bluetooth 4.2 cloud control, support network synchronization teaching materials, music online play, wireless karaoke function

5. Multiple speaker devices can be wirelessly connected in series to easily meet the needs of the conference hall.

6. Equipped with 6.5 independent instrument input interface, equipped with independent audio input and output interface

7. Support FM radio function, TF card, U disk playback function

8.Professional one-button elimination of the original sound, easy to achieve the free switch between the original singer and accompaniment

9. Microphone adopts UHF wireless through-wall technology, high-sensitivity dynamic microphone core, CNC high-precision aluminum alloy metal shell