The characteristics of the professional speaker

by:Winbridge      2020-12-31
The characteristics of professional speakers and usually the Hi - home Compared to Fi speakers, professional speakers have the following different characteristics. 1) Characteristics of different speakers ( 1) Professional speakers for subwoofer requirement for high dynamic playback, professional speakers occasion there are a lot of extremely low frequency, such as the explosion in the movie, a disco in the bass drum and so on, its lowest frequency of 20 hz, even the loudest level can be more than 110 db, the voice is not necessarily the ears to hear, but give a person a kind of feeling, the Hi - Fi speakers, no this requirement. ( 2) In vocal dialogues, music and sound effects, music for the highest fidelity requirements, while movie most demanding of sound effects, because when people watch film attention focuses on the visual language and dialogue, for the details of the music is not very care about, so professional audio system is not too much emphasis on detailed sound performance, and emphasizes the momentum magnificent acoustics, to coax atmosphere, Hi - Fi speakers is a high-fidelity speakers, requires the accurate original recordings, pay attention to the broad flat frequency response and beautiful tone color, so the requirement for fidelity is higher than professional speakers. 2) Speakers of different configuration. Professional speakers are used for larger occasions, such as a large hall, gymnasium, etc. , to build the atmosphere of the sound system, the system often consists of more than speakers, and USES the special subwoofer speakers outstanding bass effect, music program is generally in double track record, so speakers just two speakers can, use less bass speakers. 3) Require different sound, sound box has a decisive influence on a sound system of timbre, speakers notice is the perfect music playback, emphasizes the music taste, pay attention to the expressive force of minor details, requiring the use of the gentle voice, but professional audio system is given priority to with language and sound playback, pay attention to the voice of momentum and strength, in order to produce more vocal sound effects, also asked that the speakers to sound control is strong, good sense of speed, from light song whispers to thunder and lightning are can behave freely.
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