The use of microphone nimh batteries and maintenance methods

by:Winbridge      2020-12-31
As people is constantly increasing, the number of nimh batteries using and maintenance of science also gradually into the line of sight of attention. As is known to all, the brand the service life of nimh batteries can charge 500 - according to the official claims 1000 times, in fact, this is only an ideal value, often can not reach such a life. But as long as reasonable use charger, more in-depth understanding of nimh batteries, we will still be able to let her do prolong life. In general, new nimh batteries contain only a small amount of electricity, when you buy to recharged and then use. But if the battery factory time is shorter, electricity, recommend use before recharging. New nimh batteries should pass 3 - commonly 4 times of charging and use, to play to the best performance. Although nimh battery memory effect is small, still recommend recharging after each use as far as possible, and is a one-off, do not charge in a while and then filling in a minute. It's & other; Prolong life & throughout; The important thing ah. Battery charging, pay attention to the heat around the charger, what fan blowing too sedulous no necessary, but note that the charger don't place too much stuff around. Ordinary users in the process of using battery, battery often do not have a dedicated storage bag; After the user in the replacement battery, tend to put the battery with good, and whether or not the place where a clean, damp. The consequence of this is battery stain easily, such as key contact easy and metal contact, such as easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, which are the enemy of the battery. Suggestion: users should set up a battery special placement, and keep the battery clean. In order to avoid the problem such as power loss, keep the contact point at the ends of the battery and battery cover internal clean, when it is necessary to use soft, dry cloth gently wipe clean. When not long time, remember to remove the batteries from the battery, put in dry environment recommended in the battery box, can avoid the battery short circuit. Long-term need not nimh batteries will deposit in a few months later, the battery nature into a state of dormancy, the battery life is greatly reduced. If the nimh batteries have been placed for a long time, it is advisable to suggest you use first slow charger to charge. Here involves another key issue: for nickel metal hydride batteries, battery should be completely discharge and then save, or charged to save? The two completely different points of view, should adopt what kind of? Many people think that the former should be adopted, but I think it is the battery charged preservation is quite reasonable. Because: according to the test, nickel metal hydride batteries charged about 80% is the best condition of preservation. This is because the self-discharge of nimh batteries (larger 10% a month About 15%) , if the battery discharge completely before preservation, for a long time not to use, the battery self-discharge phenomenon will cause the battery over discharge, can damage the battery. Don't believe it? When you think about new buy is nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries and electric, all of it is for this reason.
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