Voice Amplifiers & Bluetooth Speakers

Voice amplifiers eliminate the need for shouting and reduce the strain on the throat and esophageal muscles. Anyone who needs simple amplification on a regular basis will benefit from a voice amplifier. The use of a voice amplifier also bridges the gap for those who are hard of hearing. Rather than miss important parts of speeches or lectures, voice amplifiers ensure these people hear every word.We have more wired,2.4G,FM,UHF wireless, the speaker come with 10W,18W,25W,30W,some design with Bluetooth which is easy to connect with mobiles. Our Bluetooth speaker we made are mainly for waterproof.Listen to music in the shower Perfect for taking to the beach or by the pool,IPX5 Water Resistant.Portable Bluetooth Speaker come with 24W Dual Driver, 360° Full Surround Sound by TWS.

18W Waterproof Voice Amplifier

 10 Watts UHF Wireless Voice Amplifier

25Watt Voice Amplifier with Microphone

12 Watts Mini Voice Teacher Amplifier 

8Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker

5Watt Mini Wireless Speaker

Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Speaker

Touch Panel Bluetooth Pocket Speaker  

 Application Areas

Besides Voice amplifier and speaker, WinBrige also produce Primary sound amplifier, Original sound Bluetooth speaker, Portable Karaoke speaker,Original wireless Microphone and so on. The products have widely application,lt covers business meetings, professional teaching & Speaking,Tour guide, Entertainment, Promotion Event, etc. connect teachers and students with Healthy & Clear sound.

About Us


Specializing in Voice amplifier,microphones,Portable speaker in China, So far,we have more than 200 employees, 40 technology patents and international cognitive patents and get ISO9001 certificated. Each year we invest to develop new products and there are 7-10 new design will be launch every year. Our aim- Let the world enjoy a more beautiful Sound. Why choose us:

1. 12 YEARS- We have 12 years business since 2007
2. ISO 9001- We are ISO 9001 certificated factory
3. 4500㎡ WORKSHOP- We have 5 production line,200+ workers
4. 50 EXPERT-We have 50 expert focus sound products


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