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Winbridge personal voice amplifier supplier wholesale

Winbridge personal voice amplifier supplier wholesale

Winbridge personal voice amplifier supplier wholesale
  • Winbridge personal voice amplifier supplier wholesale
  • Winbridge personal voice amplifier supplier wholesale
  • Winbridge personal voice amplifier supplier wholesale

Winbridge personal voice amplifier supplier wholesale

The production workmanship for Winbridge personal voice amplifier is of professionalism and sophistication. It is fabricated by cutting, grinding, honing, heat treating, surface polishing, and so on.
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Multi Voice Changer Bluetooth Microphone Headset Megaphone Pa System Speaker Amplifier Portable PA Sound Amplifier


  • Firm and Sturdy ! This Portable Amplifier is well built, its firm and very sturdy when hold in hand !

  • Voice Speaker Can play music from your iphone via Bluetooth;

    This  voice amplifier has a great volume for such small device  25W!

  • The rechargeable battery (2200mAh ) lasts a long time (10-12 hours) between charges and charges quickly once plugged in;

  • The microphone headset is adjustable and fits comfortably.

  • Specailly for Outdoors as it is IPX6 Waterproof & Dust-proof & Shockproof ! It's also a Megaphone.

  • Specification
    1. 25W output Power;
    2. 7.4V 2200mAh Lithium Battery;
    3. IPX6 Waterproof;
    4. USB Flashing Driver/TF Card Play;
    6. Bluetooth 5.0+EDR

Package includes:

1. Wired version:
1 * Amplifier speaker/ 1 * Wired headset mic/ 1 * Waistband/ 1 * Mic charging cable/ 1 * 5V Charger / 1 * Audio cable/ 1 * Manual

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The assessments of Winbridge personal voice amplifier are performed. They may include the taste and style preferences of consumers, decorative function, aesthetics, and durability.
Winbridge voice amplifier device has ensured quality. It has been evaluated for raw materials and processes through a series of quality management inspection tests such as color shading and wash color fastness (friction test).
Winbridge personal voice amplifier features material superiority. The materials is of environmental protection and is harmless to the environment. The selection is strictly in accordance with the highest packaging standards.
The production of Winbridge voice amplifier device utilizes a wide range of equipment which includes welding equipment, lasers equipment, impregnation equipment, spray-painting equipment, annealing and tempering ovens, and high-voltage electrical installations.
All technology steps ensure synergies of Winbridge voice amplifier device. From wafer coating through to the manufacturing and encapsulation of microchips and the high-precision positioning of optical components (
The product has renowned excellent seam quality. It has passed the seam strength test in which the product will be stretched with normal force.
It is rather safe for people. This product does not contain health-dangering elements, such as dioxin, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or formaldehyde.
This product is able to resist impacts without any deformation. It has no tendency to crack or break under repeated stress from the foot.
It has good deodorizing features. It has passes deodorization testing by various methods which include FTTS-FA-018 (Ammonia), ISO 17299-2 (Acetic acid), ISO 17299-3 (Method A Isovaleric acid), etc.
The product is characterized by a smooth surface. The burrs removing workmanship has greatly honed its surface to a sleek level.
This product features good moisture management. Its fabrics allow the transfer of perspiration from the skin to the atmosphere, which regulates the body temperature and maintains heat balance.
Our products further enhance profits in customers' business.
This product caters to the varied requirements of our customers in the industry.
The product is affordable and efficient that can meet the requirements of customers.
The robust sale growth indicates the bright future of the product.
This product is highly renowned for these optimum characters.
The popularity and reputation of this product in the market are rising.
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